screen changers

The screen changer can be installed on any new or existing extruder, melt pump, reactor or other extrusion line. It can be used to filter any type of polymer, rubber or ceramic melt.

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device that includes one or more filter screens, used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when the plasticized material flows through the filter screen.

The filter screen is supported by an alloy porous plate. The porous plate is installed on a plate or column carrier. The carrier can be moved to switch between a system’s working position and an offline non-working position.

1. The burrs on the edge of the filter and the filter block cannot leak out of the reciprocating plate

   2. It is strictly forbidden to hit the reciprocating plate or filter block with hard objects

  3. When the reciprocating plate of the screen changer retreats or cannot be pulled, the direction of movement of the reciprocating plate cannot be changed, otherwise the reciprocating plate will be scratched

  4. When the equipment is placed for more than 10 days and restarted, the screen changer should be heated for 1.5 hours before checking whether the actions of the screen changer are sensitive and reliable

   5. The installed filter must be suitable, not too big or too small.

6. The front and back of the screen changer must be cleaned up. When cleaning, try to clean up with copper sheets.

   7. In the process of changing the network, it must be in place once. No need to pause during the screen change.

   8. When changing the net as much as possible, change it during the shutdown, otherwise it is easy to damage the equipment.

9. When the screen is switched on and the screen is changed, the production speed should be reduced and then replaced. When replacing, the pipe must be marked (the number of meters must be calculated. When the screen is changed, a section of the pipe must be thinned, and the thinning part is when entering the cutting machine. Should be cut off in time).

  10. When the melt pressure is 20% higher than the melt pressure when the machine is turned on, the filter should be replaced in time