melt pumps

The following are some recommended measures to extend the service life of melt pumps.

1. Because the pump body runs under high temperature, hinged support should be provided on the piping during cold installation to prevent the piping from shifting after heating.

2. The coupling must be thermally aligned after the pump body is heated to avoid additional torque during operation.

3. The pump outlet pressure measurement point must be set with an interlock to stop the alarm, otherwise, once the discharge pipeline is blocked, it is easy to cause damage to the pump body.

4. When the pump is started, when there is no pressure at the outlet, the speed cannot be increased blindly to prevent premature damage to the shaft or bearing.

5. When cleaning and pipetting, do not use the pump to transport the cleaning solution. The internal parts should be removed and installed after the pipetting is completed to prevent foreign matter from being mixed into the pump.

6. The temperature of the heat medium jacket of the pump body can be slightly lower than that of the front and rear jacket pipes.

7. The speed increase should be carried out slowly, and do not make the front and back pressure rise sharply, so as not to damage the bearing or block the lubrication channel by melt pump.