How should we prevent novel coronavirus?

First, wash hands frequently. This includes washing hands with soap, alcohol based hand sanitizer and water immediately before, during and after food preparation; after coughing or sneezing; when caring for patients; before and after meals; when hands are dirty; after handling animals or animal excreta.

Second, active protection. When coughing or sneezing, cover the mouth and nose completely with paper towel or cuff or elbow flexion. Throw the used tissue into the closed dustbin immediately and wash hands. Susceptible people should avoid going to crowded public places and wear masks to reduce the risk of contact with pathogens. Avoid close contact with patients without protection, and avoid touching their eyes, mouth and nose. At the same time, pay attention to keep the family and workplace windows ventilated, clean environment.

Third, avoid close contact. Try to avoid close contact with breeding or wild animals without protection; avoid contact with sick animals and deteriorated meat; avoid contact with stray animals and garbage and wastewater in fresh markets.

Fourth, good and safe eating habits. Cook meat and eggs thoroughly. Wash hands between raw and cooked food. Separate cutting board and knife.