800 Meltblown Line

Harden is able to provide complete lines in accordance with high standard. We have a skilled and experienced team, providing installation and commissioning services that will make you free of worry and enjoy your production of meltblown fabric with quality 95+% PFE.

Model: WST-PP800
Fabric Width:800mm
Color: Standard
Speed: 30m/min
Control: Digital + full color touch screen
Meltblown Line

Equipment list of meltblown line

  • Hydraulic sliding plate screen changer;
  • Single screw extruder;
  • Filter and melt pump unit;
  • Stainless steel air heating tank;
  • Blowing machine or air compressor;
  • Receiver;
  • Winding machine;
  • Electric control system, electric cabinet;
  • Meltblown head;
  • High-voltage electrostatic electret device.

Remarks: The list is for reference only and may vary depend on machine upgrade, technical improvement, product size, and customer specific requirements, etc.