Harden Industries Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of melt-blown production equipment with strong R&D and production abilities. Harden is not just providing quality melt-blown machines but also designing and customizing a whole melt-blown production line to meet clients’ demand.

We  now supply 5 models of meltblown machines to produce meltblown fabric width of  800mm, 1200mm and 1600mm.

Meltblown Machine

The models are as follows:

  1. 800 Meltblown Line
  2. 1200 Meltblown Line
  3. 1600 Meltblown Line
  4. 800 SMS Line
  5. 1600 SMS Line

Features of our Meltblown lines:

  • High end extruder with European brand electrical components
  • Long L/D ratio screw for best plasticizing and mixing, that guarantee melt quality and even distribution of electrostatic electret masterbatch.
  • Every line is equipped with a screen changer to minimized spinneret downtime.
  • very line is equipped with a melt pump for stable extrusion and even fabric thickness.
  • Sophisticated spinneret and air knives to guarantee fine fiber.
  • Powerful air suction to guarantee fabric quality.
  • Double electrostatic bar for fully electret state.
  • Online slitter integrated with winder.
Flow chart of the whole Meltblown line

meltblown production line

Applications of Non-woven fabric

Meltblown fabric is an important material and has a wide range of applications in many fields. Harden could provide turn-key solutions for melt-blown fabric production line to help you produce high quality melt blown fabric.

Medical supplies: masks, medical masks, disposable clothing, surgical curtains, work protection, protective clothing, gas masks

Hygienic materials: baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, shoe covers and other cleaning applications

Project use: civil engineering, construction engineering, agricultural protection fabrics, auto soundproof insulation fabric, etc.

Packaging supplies: shopping bags, rice bags, tea bags, clothing packaging, etc. Household items: spring wraps, bedding, seats, etc.

meltblown machines