Harden is a professional manufacturer of meltblown fabric winder, which is used for cutting, packaging and transportation of meltblown cloth, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, plastic film, web paper, sponge, kraft paper, leather, cloth, etc.

The whole machine adopts systematic design, easy installation and debugging, adjustable speed. Built in straight knife cutting system, safe and stable. Equipped with static electret system, automatic control, improve the filtering effect

Technical Parameter

Tool diameter180*62*3mm
Electret electrostatic system60KV

Main Features

It is made of thick steel plate by welding, and the angle is balanced, so that the machine can work stably at high speed.

2. The whole machine adopts chrome plated steel pipe, each of which is processed by dynamic balance.

3. The unwinding adopts 3-inch air expansion unwinding shaft, the unwinding diameter can reach 600mm, and it is equipped with magnetic powder tension controller and automatic edge setting device.

4. The 3-inch air expansion reel and magnetic powder tension controller are used for winding up. The slitting operation is simple, and the winding diameter can reach 600mm. The winding is beautiful and neat

5. The cutter can use industrial surgical blade or flat knife (Art blade), and adjustable cutter between 18mm and 1600mm.

6. The spindle and round cutter use stepless speed change system, which can be used as high and low speed regulation and positive and reverse switching control; electronic speed control system, when using, manually adjust the speed of the machine, which is convenient and simple.